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Infant Toddler

The Creative Curriculum @ is based on the latest knowledge and best practices related to the development and learning of infants and toddlers.

  • A comprehensive yet flexible structure for implementing a high quality program that emphasizes relationships.
  • Building trusting, relationships are central to the role of each of our caregivers. Caring for infants and toddler is a very personal ongoing journey.
  • Regardless of individual characteristic and family experiences, most children move sequential through predictable stages of development.
  • At each stage, our staff guides a child’s growth in their abilities.
  • Knowledge about developmental stages and the special characteristic of each child enable our caregivers/teacher to develop responsive and trusting relationships and plan appropriate environments and experiences that promote children’s growth and learning.


  • About themselves-emotional development
  • About their feelings-emotional development
  • About other people-social development
  • To communicate-language development
  • To move and do-physical development
  • To think –cognitive development


Observing and assessing children is one of the best ways to get to know each child as an individual. Our caregivers observe and document these observations four times a year to insure we are providing high quality care for each individual child. Observing what infants and toddlers do enable our Caregivers to learn where children are, in their development and determine what they need to continue to grown and learn.


Because the children spend most of their time in their daycare setting, it is a place that is made for them. Whiz Kids maintains a welcoming environment by organizing indoor and outdoors areas that encourage play and exploration, provide comfortable areas and appropriate equipment for routines. Equipment and material are arranged to foster growth and learning, while planning and implementing schedules and routines responds to the individual needs of children under the age of three.


Infants and toddler learn how to relate positively to others when they are treated respectfully and in caring ways. We have realistic expectations and provide a setting that minimizes frustration, and taking a positive approach. We take the time to learn about each family’s values and cultural beliefs to help support the goals you have for your child.


Infant and toddler explore their world through their senses. Activities offer many opportunities for sensory development. Our caregivers set the stage by putting out materials and watching carefully to see how each child responds, taking cues from the child. We know that children respond to activities differently, depending on their stage of development, temperament, preferences, interests and learning style. Our teaches take these factor into consideration and plan accordingly. MUSIC-MOVEMENT-SENSORY TABLE-COLORING-BOOKS-SORTING OBJECTS-PLAYING WITH BUBBLES are just a few activity examples!!

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