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Preschool - Kindergarten Readiness

Whiz kids has adopted The Creative Curriculum, a nationally recognized curriculum into our program. Together with our curriculum we are assessing your children on a daily basis. This makes assessments more accurate, up to date and accessible to parents. The program will aid in curriculum development, as well as activities that are individualized to your child’s needs.

With Whiz Kids having adopted the program you will be able to:

  • Complete a developmental survey to assess your child’s progress
  • Get personalized activity recommendations
  • Read articles from an extensive resource center
  • View newsletters
  • Read classroom Weekly Planning Forms
  • Review Progress and Planning Forms

Ages 3-5 years are a special time in the life of young children. They begin to trust others outside the family. They gain independence and self-control, learn to take initiative and assert themselves in socially acceptable ways. They become keen observers of their world and experiment with their surroundings to find out what happens when they interact with other people, handle and maneuver objects and material. Preschoolers are also changing physically –growing and gaining strength, agility, and coordination. Their development is divided into four areas: social/emotional, physical, cognitive, and language. These categories are closely related and often overlap. Whiz Kids offers thematic weekly themes to present the material in a fun and way.


  • Knowing how children grow and develop is the basis for planning our program, selecting materials and guiding children’s learning
  • We establish a daily structure. It creates and sense of order and helps children to understand what is expected of them
  • Ten areas of interested are set –up: Blocks * Dramatic Play * Toys/Games * Art * Library * Discovery

Sand & Water * Music & Movement * Cooking * Computers

A Classroom Community is created: A positive social climate helps children to feel good about school and learn to the best of their ability


  • Literacy: Increasing vocabulary, phonological awareness, knowledge of print, letters & words, comprehension and understand books
  • Mathematics: number concepts, patterns and relationships, geometry and spatial sense, measurement, data collection, organization and representation
  • Science: physical science( ), Life sciences (plants and animals) and Earth and Environment
  • Social Studies: spaces and geography, people and how they live
  • Arts: Dance, music, theater, visual arts
  • Technology: awareness of technology in our daily lives, basic operation and , technology tools, people & technology


  • To ensure a high quality program, Teachers at Whiz Kids learn to observe children on a daily basis, guide their learning and be able to assess where each child is at in her/his learning


  • We get to know families and make them feel welcome. Communicating with families consistently help us to create a partnership on your child learning. It also helps us to response to challenging situations that a family may be facing.


A MOTOR SKILL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM through Gymnastics and the use of Music is included at least once a week for your preschooler from October to May. All Olympic gymnastic events are used including: balance beams, trampolines, climbing mats, preschool bars, and inflatables along with traditional gymnastics equipment, specially adapted for preschool instruction. Not only do the children learn tumbling, swinging and balancing, but eye-hand/foot, balance, dealing with heights, skipping, hopping and basic dance movement is all part of this program. 


MUSIC! How can children learn or live without it? Whiz Kids offers music to children 2 and up from October through May.  Music educators have known for years that quality music experiences enhance listening; invite intuitive and steady beat responses; and aid learning of vocabulary, sound and pitch discrimination, emotional responses, creative responses, memory, and many hours of fun for our wee ones. What powerful links to learning might we use within the many aspects of music? It appears that the first three years of a child's life are critical for optimal brain development, for music, and for learning through music. Now brain research is becoming available to support these perceptions. Let's consider some of music's important gifts, supported by research, for the children entrusted into our care.

Our preschool program is divided into 2 sections:

PRE K NURSERY School for ages 3-4 and KINDERGARTEN READINESS for ages 4-5 (those children who are eligible to begin kindergarten the following fall (child must turn 5 by Dec 31st in the school year)

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