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Preschool - Kindergarten Readiness

A recent report call “A GOOD BEGINNING: SENDING AMERICA’S CHILDREN TO SCHOOL with the Social and Emotional Competence They Need to Succeed” provides evidence that social/emotional readiness is critical to a successful kindergarten transition, early school success and even later accomplishments in the workplace.

The report describes a child who is socially and emotionally ready for school is:

  • Confident, friendly, able to develop good relationships with peers
  • Able to concentrate on and persist at challenging tasks
  • Able to communicate frustrations, anger, and joy effectively
  • Able to listen to instructions and be attentive

Social and emotional readiness can be taught and nurtured most effectively when children are young. Nursery School is a prime setting for gaining this competence. It is an important focus for our teachers at Whiz Kids along with their academic development.

Building on the Pre-K curriculum offered the year prior, Whiz Kids works with the public school system and employs the States Benchmark recommendations to insure every child is properly prepared for their first year in school.

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